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  • Pilates is a no-impact workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles. Concentrating
    on your core: abdominals, mid & lower back, shoulders, hips, and thighs, this class often utilizes
    small props to add challenge & diversity to the exercises.
    The perfect complement to your current fitness program, this effective mind-body approach will
    give you optimal strength, flexibility, and posture while creating a longer, leaner you!

  • Spinlates combines 30 minutes of indoor cycling with 45 minutes of Pilates for the best of both
    in one 75-minute class. You may come for just the spin or just the Pilates for a shorter workout.

  • Spin, Strengthen, & Stretch is a calorie blasting, time-efficient total body conditioning class.
    The first 30 minutes are done on a stationary bike. Each bike has a computer to monitor your
    RPM's (speed), and distance as you climb, sprint, and ride your way to fitness. This is followed
    by a 20 minute strength circuit for your upper body and core using a TRX, cables, dumbbells, and
    your bodyweight. The last 10 minutes will use massage balls and foam rollers to release and
    stretch problem areas.

  • Bike & Barre is a challenging, total body conditioning class using light weights and combining
    exercises to increase muscle strength, endurance, and definition with high intensity interval
    training done on the bike and using the bike for barre. You may also come for just the Bike
    position or the Barre portion for a shorter workout.

  • 30-minute Spin is a short but effective cardio class. Includes intervals, hills, and sprints.
    Perfect for those new or returning to an indoor cycling class.

    You are encouraged to make up missed classes. This can be done by attending any other class
    during the current session only. Missed classes may not be transferred to another series.

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    Please read the class policies for information on cancellations, refunds and credits.

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